Eco-care Potted Plant - Green Your Space
with Pesticide-free Plants

Eco-care Potted Plants, also known as pesticide-free plants, are certified by the Earth Tag Certification. These plants are grown without the use of chemical pesticides during their initial planting stages. This is a collaborative effort by growers who care about the environment, water resources, and land, and who want to ensure the health of their families and consumers, promoting a safe, non-toxic green home environment.

You can find these Eco-care Potted Plants in some garden centers, and each plant is labeled with “No Pesticide,” “Eco-Care Plant,” along with the Tze Xin Organic logo and Earth Tag Certification number. Additionally, all plastic pots used for Eco-care Potted Plants are made from biodegradable materials, minimizing the environmental and ecological impact of plastic waste.

Please support Eco-care Potted Plants, and let’s work together to promote a healthier organic growth movement in Malaysia, protecting families and the environment.

Eco care potted plant

Look for "No Pesticide" label at the nursery!

The “No Pesticide” label represents our commitment to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that your plants are grown without any harmful chemical pesticides.

Eco care potted plant grower in Malaysia

Green Flourish Nursery
@ Cameron Highland

Goo Tong Nursery
@ Cameron Highland

Fragrance Nursery
@ Cameron Highland

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Eco-care Potted Plant

* As of April 2024